Voice Recognition

Use it alongside eTransMed’s editing and verification systems to assure maximum accuracy.

eTransMed continues to expand its offerings with a revolutionary new front-end and back-end voice recognition solution – eTransMed’s  “Interactive”. Healthcare providers utilize a voice microphone to dictate into any application on the PC, whether it is an EHR system, word processor or online transcription editor. The text is immediately generated through front-end voice recognition technology and populates the user’s designated transcription layout.This easy-to-use system supports multiple workflows and has the added feature of leveraging an existing voice profile already built in eTransMed’s M*Modal’ and other Voice Recognition Engines. With or without a recognized voice profile, users can create verbal commands or “snippets” for added voice recognition efficiency. The technology also enables users to script commands and add or exclude certain phrases particular to the dictator. These automated audio commands help expedite a fluid and quality text outputCommonly used vocabulary, phrases and macros are stored in the system and can be used across groups for consistency throughout a department, clinic or practice. Users can install a dictionary with terms specific to their medical specialty, such as oncology or orthopedics, for increased accuracy and speed of the voice recognition technology. eTransMed Interactive offers suggested changes to generated text and allows for localized words and phrases as well.Utilizing eTransMed’s editing services, voice-recognition systems can provide an an efficient bridge for efficient and accurate dictation documents. We will provide behind-the-scene, quality assurance by accurately editing provider’s voice-recognition or manual inputs. The use of voice-recognition system along with eTransMed’s cos-effective and editing services allow all dictations to be accurately quality-checked and automatically uploaded to your present EHR system.


  • Easy to use
  • No software installation
  • Access online via secure internet/VPN connection
  • Customized vocabulary
  • Dictionary with terminology specific to medical specialty
  • Shared language model creation housed online
  • Customizations can be transferred
  • Leverage existing voice profile
  • Cost-effective solution

eTransMed’s Interactive includes:

  • Secure login permission
  • License usage through eTransMed
  • Support and maintenance

Why eTransmed?

  • Accurate
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • On-time
  • Expert Transcriptionists
  • Free EMR Integration
  • iPhone/iPad Application
  • Toll-Free Telephone Dictation
  • Easy to Use Software Downloads in Seconds
  • Electronic Delivery of Files in 24 hours
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • No Long-term Contract Required
  • Best service and pricing in the industry
  • Live telephone support services
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Digital Signature with advanced reporting features



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