eTransMed’s Easy-Dictate

eTransMed’s Easy-Dictate

This is eTransMed’s most cost-effective digital dictation system.  There is no need for expensive hardware and software installations, maintenance or upkeep. Providers can use a variety of dictation methods, using their current computers, to dictate to eTransMed’s secure platform – via toll free phone, PC, mobile device (iPhone/iPad) or hand-held digital recorder. The system is easy and needs no learning curve. We can get you up and going in a matter of minutes. The system allows unlimited numbers of providers, while still maintaining the individual provider’s personal preferences, dictation and retrieval methods and templates.

eTransMed’s user-friendly technology manages the full life cycle of medical documentation from dictation through transcription/voice recognition and archiving. Medical transcription companies, hospitals, and practices use our platform to create and manage patient documentation and interface with schedule programs, EHRs and practice management systems.

Mobile Dictation

eTransMed’s customized mobile app offers the convenience of hand-held, mobile dictation with the clarity and ease of phone dictation. Dictators manage patient schedules and create detailed dictations that are simply uploaded without being tied to computer. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch in conjunction with your eTransMed account as an inexpensive and feature-rich alternative to phone or hand-held recording. Physicians benefit from timely, flexible and convenient access to records for better quality and more accurate patient reporting.

eTransMed’s Dictation platform can also be used as a stand-alone dictation system. Healthcare providers record sound files on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices and can promptly retrieve them from our secure platform – anywhere/anytime – 24/7. This is an economic dictation solution for organizations with their own transcription systems looking to eliminate equipment costs.

Dictate directly to your current EHR platforms

Eliminate “cutting and pasting” into your EHR and data entry. Our experienced transcriptionists will type right into your EHR system. You may also choose any dictation input method, including any Voice Recognition System, to input your dictations directly to your EHR system and our transcriptionist will provide quality assurance that all your dictations are totally accurate.

Why eTransmed?

  • Accurate
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • On-time
  • Expert Transcriptionists
  • Free EMR Integration
  • iPhone/iPad Application
  • Toll-Free Telephone Dictation
  • Easy to Use Software Downloads in Seconds
  • Electronic Delivery of Files in 24 hours
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • No Long-term Contract Required
  • Best service and pricing in the industry
  • Live telephone support services
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Digital Signature with advanced reporting features



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