With the emergence of Voice Recognition System and Electronic Health Record software platforms, it was originally believed that these technologies will substitute the need for traditional transcriptionists and documentation specialists. However, many facilities, healthcare administrators and clinicians are realizing that this is not the case and that a combined transcription solution is best.

Transcription is an indispensable piece of an effective medical documentation workflow. When integrated with EHR or voice recognition systems, eTransMed’s transcription and editing services are powerful tools that enable clinicians to more efficiently capture the patient narrative, while saving time, increasing productivity, streamlining the clinical documentation workflow and reducing costs. This leads to more complete and accurate clinical documentation and translates to better patient care and fewer medical errors.

eTransMed provides this bridge for efficient and accurate dictation editing services to hundreds of physicians and their EHR/voice-recognition platforms. We provide behind-the-scene, quality assurance by accurately editing provider’s voice-recognition or manual inputs. Our cost-effective editing services allow all dictations to be accurately quality-checked and automatically uploaded to your present EHR system. We also provide free EHR integration and adapt to most existing transcription and EHR platforms.

Sarah Basma, from the Research and Development Division, Joint Department of Medical Imaging, Mount Sinai Hospital, and colleagues found at least 1 major error in 23% of automated reports compared with 1 major error in 4% of reports produced by human transcriptionists. Many articles and studies stress the need for close scrutiny and proofreading of voice-recognition system’s dictations or provider-keyboarded input reports. It is a well-established fact that when physicians proofread their own dictations, not only does it cut into the time they spend with patients, but there also exists the strong possibility of typos and inaccurate typing.

eTransMed’s editing services are invaluable to physicians who are implementing EHR conversions and the clinicians who are documenting patient visits via direct keyboard inputs, templates and voice recognition. eTransMed provides customized editing and verification services for any of your transcription dictation or input methods. We provide efficient, accurate and cost-effective solutions for all your editing, verification and quality control requirements.

Highlights of eTransMed Services

  • 99% Accuracy
  • Secure  – HIPPA Compliant
  • Experienced transcriptionists
  • Medical documentation and transcriptions
  • Unsurpassed, US-based, personalized, prompt and friendly customer service
  • Anywhere, anytime secure access to our system
  • Customized reports using your templates and letterhead
  • Digital Signature feature available
  • Best in industry Pricing – Savings of up to 40%
  • User friendly, web-based platform
  • Choice of dictation modality
  • Use of Voice Recognition Technology features available to Client
  • No-cost integration to EHR protocols to seamlessly integrate with your present system
  • VPN or other access protocols
  • Included Document Management and Storage
  • Web-Based – No software required
  • Anytime Set-up
  • Training & Support
  • No contracts or obligations
  • 100% Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • No risk Free Trial

Why eTransmed?

  • Accurate
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • On-time
  • Expert Transcriptionists
  • Free EMR Integration
  • iPhone/iPad Application
  • Toll-Free Telephone Dictation
  • Easy to Use Software Downloads in Seconds
  • Electronic Delivery of Files in 24 hours
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • No Long-term Contract Required
  • Best service and pricing in the industry
  • Live telephone support services
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Digital Signature with advanced reporting features



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