Explore eTransMed’s Integrated Dictation, Transcription, Voice Recognition, Workflow, EHR Integration, Document Management and Analytics Platform

1. Upload & Download Procedures
Dictations by a physician can be made using a digital voice recorder, a toll-free telephone number, iPhone/iPad, or your computer or laptop. Dictations are stored as digital voice files, which are uploaded via the secured platform or access through VPN/Secure platform on to our secure server. Our site provides you with free and pre-configured software, which allows you to upload the voice files and download the completed reports. You are provided with a secure password to access your files and directory on our site. 24/7 accessibility from anywhere.

2. Transcription
Uploaded audio files are assigned to our experienced transcriptionists who are dedicated to handle specific accounts. The file is then processed at our transcription station and put into a customized format that is pre-defined by the client. You can provide any required file templates and letterheads. We support EHR, MS Word and other formats.

3. Quality Check
All our professional transcriptions are fully guaranteed. Editors and Quality Assurance specialist proofread all the transcriptions. This enables us to maintain an accuracy level of 99%.

4. Delivery of Reports
Completed reports are then uploaded to your personal eTransMed platform or to your dedicated EHR platform. Reports can also be uploaded directly into your EHR through system integration or VPN access. A 100% guarantee for on-time delivery.

5. Archival
We provide secure, long-term and short-term archival and retrieval systems for data/audio at no additional cost.

6. Technology & Security
All of our services are HIPAA compliant. Our network infrastructure has been constructed with the safety and security of our clients’ data at the forefront. We treat the data of each of our clients with the highest regard and put safety and security first when it comes to the electronic storage and transmission of patient information.

eTransMed Platform is based on relational database architecture. All applications are custom-built to meet the needs of today’s healthcare professional, using industry standard tools and Microsoft technology.

Separate applications focus on voice processing, HL7 integrations, messaging and communications, transcription processing, transaction management, and administration on top of a variety of scalable databases.

Servers are secure – protected behind locked down Cisco Equipment. System controls, database architecture and internal policies provide HIPAA compliance. Information is delivered over the web using HTTPS 128 byte encryption with a Thawte SSL certificate.

7. Production Environment
eTransMed’s services utilize a state of the art production environment. It has sub-contracted data centers located remotely at Qwest Cybercenters. These production facilities sit on the Qwest backbone of the Internet, providing unparalleled Internet connectivity and bandwidth.

The facilities are linked by high-speed connections for production load balancing, backup, and disaster recovery for Web access, data storage and telephony. Qwest’s facilities provide 24×7 secure access and uninterrupted power. The systems are continually monitored to ensure both uptime and acceptable system response times using Webmetrics monitoring tools.

8. Trusted Experts, Keeping your patient data safe around the clock
eTransMed has implemented redundant security measures and sophisticated technology to ensure our clients’ data is not compromised. Every activity pertaining to each file, whether it is viewed, edited or deleted is logged with our tracking system, and our advanced archiving system ensures that we never lose a file.

Our services and solutions in the health informatics field strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Why eTransmed?

  • Accurate
  • HIPAA-Compliant
  • On-time
  • Expert Transcriptionists
  • Free EMR Integration
  • iPhone/iPad Application
  • Toll-Free Telephone Dictation
  • Easy to Use Software Downloads in Seconds
  • Electronic Delivery of Files in 24 hours
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • No Long-term Contract Required
  • Best service and pricing in the industry
  • Live telephone support services
  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Digital Signature with advanced reporting features



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