eTmUSA is a US-based Healthcare, Legal, Insurance, Business,  General, Academic/Educational,  Worker’s Comp and Law enforcement transcription and documentation service company.

We offer the most comprehensive and advanced state-of-the-art voice recognition, digital recorder, smart-phone (iPhone, iPad and Android) applications. We provide free integration with any of your existing platforms or software.

Confidentiality and Security are the key when it comes to our transcriptions and documentation. eTmUSA’s experienced staff offers secure, accurate and fast transcriptions and documentation services for all your needs.

Your staff will be able to utilize their time better and work more efficiently.

All our services are US-based and nothing is ever sent out of the country. This ensures complete security (HL-7, encrypted), accurate and timely reports.

Many agencies often rely on staff to type transcriptions. eTmUSA’s professional staff can assist you with all your transcription and documentation needs to free up personnel and to save your department a significant amount of resources.  Our services can be integrated with your current work flow and existing programs or platforms.