eTransMed is a US-based, trusted provider of HIPPA complaint Health Information Documentation Services for medical transcriptions, editing, latest voice recognition technologies and integration with EHR platforms. We focus 100% of our time and efforts on this. We provide custom solutions for all healthcare specialties that enable and seamlessly merge dictations with any input methods, formats and EHR. With a proven reputation for unsurpassed quality and a track record of satisfied customers, eTransMed has been providing the best quality of services to hundreds of healthcare clients across the Midwest, other parts of the US, and internationally since 2007.

Quality healthcare delivery depends on skills of the medical professionals, accurate medical records, including quality editing and transcription services.  eTransMed has a broad, practical, in-depth knowledge and experience of how physicians, transcriptionists, editors, EHR platforms and health facilities work in unison. This knowledge enables us to combine advanced technology with the expertise of our Medical Transcriptionists, technicians and staff to deliver comprehensive one-stop solutions.

We provide unparalleled accuracy, excellent quality, timeliness and the best customer service in the industry. With a track record of excellence and hundreds of satisfied providers and healthcare facilities, you can rest assured that eTransMed will meet and exceed your every expectation.

We guarantee that our services and pricing are the best in the industry, which is why we do not require a contractual commitment. Our standard turn-around time is 24 hours (2, 4 and 6 hour STAT options are available). User-friendly set-up and EHR integrations are provided at no-charge.

We realize that at your busy practice, you are always concerned about the accuracy and timeliness of your medical reports. With eTransMed, you will never have to worry about your reports and medical documentation, since we will take care of all your medical transcriptions, editing and EHR needs. We will work with your staff to streamline health information workflows. We will assist in speeding up turnaround times, increase physician productivity, and minimize documentation workloads. We will reduce your costs. Our clients often realize savings of up to 40% on documentation and administrative overhead costs.

Please contact us for all your medical transcription, editing, latest voice recognition technology and no-cost integration with EHR platforms needs, as well as our free trial. We will have you set up and going within hours.


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