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eTmUSA offers the most advanced, digital recorder, tablet, smart-phone (iPhone, iPad and Android) applications. Free integration with any of your existing applications or software.

Set Up

  1. Contact eTmUSA for information to set up its easy-to-use platform
  2. Download our App for free on your smart-phones, tablets (iPhone and Android) and computers
  3. We will assign a log-in and a password for all the users dedicated by you, including a master password for the supervisor or manager.
  4. For dictations, you may use a smart-phone, tablet, iPad, a digital recorder or even handwritten notes and reports

Dictation and Retrieval Process

Recording and Uploading Dictations

  1. Use a recording device most convenient for you to dictate on, including handwritten notes and reports.
  2. You may use multiple devices for dictations at different times.
  3. Record and send directly from your smartphone devices to our platform for transcription.
  4. When using a digital recorder, just place the recorder on the cradle on your computer and the dictation is sent to us on our secure platform automatically.
  5. Handwritten notes and reports can be faxed or scanned and sent to eTmUSA.

Retrieval and Downloading Dictations

  1. As soon as our experienced transcriptionists complete typing your dictation, it automatically goes through eTmUSA’s mandatory quality review.
  2. Once approved by our quality assurance process, the dictation is uploaded to your account that can be accessed from your computer or smartphone.
  3. You may then review it for accuracy in the inbox of your account, and make any changes or editing you may want.
  4. As soon as your dictation is transcribed, you will be able to access it in the Inbox on our platform.  Here you can print, edit and approve your files.  Once approved it will move to the archives where it will be stay indefinitely for your access.
  5. And you’re all done. Simple, Secure, Accurate, Timely.