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eTmUSA offers services to get your staff back to where they are most effective and productive. With many departments being short staffed, every minute saved counts.

  • Our staff of experienced personnel are skilled professionals who provide quality transcriptions, while supporting protocols and procedures necessary for fast, timely, accurate and secure law enforcement, criminal justice and legal transcriptions.
  • Our turnaround times are completely flexible – we can accommodate any requirement for your department.
  • Uploading your files to us is simple and easy – digital recorder, smart phone, tablets, telephone, handwritten notes, fax or computer upload.
  • We cover all your requests for completed reports – ranging from custom templates, including personalized templates, as well as typing directly on your letterhead, or any of your current software programs/platforms.
  • Our goal is not to eliminate your current staff, but rather to minimize your need to hire additional personnel or significant amounts of overtime.

Accurate, Fast & Reliable Turnaround

To meet the various demands of our customers’ busy schedules, eTmUSA offers cost-effective turnaround options on all dictations:

  • Urgent – 2-5 Hours
  • 1-2 Days (Rush) or 6-10 Days (Standard)

99% Accuracy Guarantee

eTmUSA guarantees 99% error-free transcriptions. Our highly skilled transcribers are experienced in the procedures necessary to accurately transcribe recordings.  In addition, eTmUSA’s Quality Control Department reviews transcriptions to ensure adherence to quality specifications before the final copy is delivered to you.